SnoopyBabe SOL Tools

We have developed and are launching SnoopyBabe SOL Tools. Our bot will be useful first of all for investors to have all useful tools for Solana in one place. It will also receive customizable price change alerts to make a timely decision to sell or buy and will also implement Rug Check function.

SnoopyBabe SOL Tools will be constantly updated, the release will be from V1.0 and then every week additional useful features and functions will be introduced. A little later we will add paid subscriptions that will give advanced features, but all the basic features will be available for free.

Also we will add a referral program so that you can recommend our SnoopyBabe SOL Tools to your friends and colleagues and get additional bonuses and rewards.

In our bot also we will introduce useful features for other projects for example will be available banner and context ads. Thus, other projects will be able to advertise themselves through our tools.

We can say that SnoopyBabe SOL Tools will be a separate ecosystem within our main ecosystem.

Use the functions of our bot, get profit and recommend it to others in the near future we will launch a referral program.

SnoopyBabe SOL Tools V1.1 Monitoring of:

✅ Wallet's activity and balances;

✅ Alerts on price changes;

✅ Security Checker

More useful features and functions coming soon

🐈 Supported Networks: Solana

How to use

Instruction for the use of SnoopyBabe SOL Tools Bot

Our Strategy Plan
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We will update our White Paper.

Frequently Questions

Visit Documentation and read our White Paper. It details each type of our ecosystem and our plans for project development.

If you read our white paper, you will know that we are launching our marketplace soon. From the sale of our products on it we will take money not only for our project development but also for bonuses for our holders and donations for animals.

SnoopyBabe is not just a meme project. We launched a useful Web3 ecosystem: SnoopyBabe TON Tools | SnoopyBabe SOL Tools | SnoopyBabe Play | New WEB3 types coming soon