Trading token SBABET Live on STON FI

The first meme token that is dedicated to the cutest cat on the internet

SnoopyBabe is launching its ecosystem and expanding its features towards WEB3. Our ecosystem will only grow: SnoopyBabe TON Tools, SnoopyBabe SOL Tools, SnoopyBabe Play, Marketplace and this is just a start.

Recently, there have been many meme coins that are dedicated to various breeds of dogs and very few that are dedicated to animals that actually exist! Most dog meme coins do nothing, they are only created for one purpose this pump and dump.

Our team decided to change the trend and launch a meme coin dedicated to the cutest cat on the internet and our favorite, SnoopyBabe.

SnoopyBabe is a real live cat from China, living in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The owner of the animal explained that SnoopyBabe got her unusual appearance from her father's American shorthair cat and her mother's Persian cat.

SnoopyBabe- Exotic Shorthair Cat (exo, exot) is an artificially bred breed of short-haired cats. Exots are sometimes called "Persian lazy cat" because, on the one hand, they are very similar to Persians, but do not require such close attention to care for their coats. The character is gentle and calm. These cats are curious and playful even as adults, friendly to other cats and dogs. Exotas rarely meow, do not like to be alone, are very attached to the owner and constantly need his presence.

About our project

Why choose SnoopyBabe?
We decided to change the game!

Our meme token $SBABE as well as our live cat SnoopyBabe don't like loneliness and want to gather a community that is dedicated to the cryptocurrency world and loves WEB3 as much as our cat loves to eat fish.

We decided to constantly expand our ecosystem to make our project useful in many areas and on different networks. Therefore, our token $SBABE will be used in various useful sections of our ever-growing ecosystem:

  • SnoopyBabe TON Tools
  • SnoopyBabe SOL Tools
  • SnoopyBabe Play
  • Marketplace (with rewards for holders and charities)
  • and much more that we are preparing in the near future!
  • You can see more detailed development plans for our project in our Roadmap section and our White Paper (which will be constantly updated as our ecosystem expands).

    SnoobyBabe on Solana
    • CA: D9mFkgnZHnQGRtZKvnJ44yvoLtJmfBZRahXiUKcAzRE4 (SolScan)
    • Name: SNOOPYBABE
    • Symbol: SBABE
    • Network: Solana
    • Decimal: 6
    • Max supply: 10,000,000,000 SBABE
    • TAX: 0/0
    • Fairlaunch: 10,000,000,000
    • DEXs listing: 100% of Max Supply of SBABE tokens was added to liquidity on DEX
    SnoobyBabe on TON
    Fairlaunch 360 000 000 (36%)
    DEXs listing 165 240 000 (16,524%)
    CEX listing 150 000 000 (15%)- Locking for 180 days with vesting
    Marketing 100 000 000 (10%) - Locking for 30 days with vesting
    Development of New Apps 150 000 000 (15%) - Locking for 60 days with vesting
    Team&Dev 74 760 000 (7,476%) - Locking for a year without vesting
    • CA: EQBuA-_rhkzLmOktImllkrbniTh-jT4EHwS9ujv_rWvBl1Dp (TONScan)
    • Name: SNOOPYBABE
    • Symbol: SBABET
    • Network: TON
    • Decimal: 9
    • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 SBABET
    SnoopyBabe TON Tools

    We have developed and are launching SnoopyBabe TON Tools. Our bot will be useful for all investors in the TON network. Investors will be able to receive customizable price change alerts to make a timely decision to sell or buy. It will also add a useful Security Check (Audit) function : LP Locked check, and other important contract functions.

    Additionally we will integrate Telegram Wallet into SnoopyBabe TON Tools and that will allow investors to buy and sell directly in our bot.

    In the future we will add SnoopyBabe Sniper TON Bot feature that will allow to quickly find new projects in TON network and make profitable deals for investors at an early stage.

    SnoopyBabe TON Tools will be a separate ecosystem within our main ecosystem.

    SnoopyBabe Monitoring of:

    ✅ Wallet's activity and balances;

    ✅ Alerts on price changes;

    ✅ Security Checker

    ✅ SnoopyBabe Sniper TON feature

    More useful features and functions coming soon

    🐈 Supported Networks: TON

    SnoopyBabe SOL Tools

    This is a super useful tool being developed primarily for investors and further with additional useful features for developers. From the very beginning we will add Price Change Alerts + Wallet Tracking + Rug Check (in the future with full contract audit and full report on all contract features) and many other features very soon. Our bot is fully designed for Solana users. We will make sure that you will be able to get maximum information and make your investments correctly with the help of our SnoopyBabe bot!

    SnoopyBabe Monitoring of:

    ✅ Wallet's activity and balances;

    ✅ Alerts on price changes;

    ✅ Liquidity burned - rug check

    More useful features and functions coming soon

    🐈 Supported Networks: Solana

    SnoopyBabe Play

    Solana blockchain gaming platform
    Try your luck and get some extra $SBABE.

    Main features:

    Solana Blockchain

    Fast and cheap transactions


    All SnoopyBabe games in our "Play" section uses a verifiable randomized game protocol on the chain, Gamba. Therefore, everything is completely clear and safe


    No need for verification and KYC, connect your wallet WEB3 and play

    Play SnoopyBabe Now
    Our Strategy Plan
    Our Advisor

    We will update our White Paper.

    Frequently Questions

    Visit Documentation and read our White Paper. It details each type of our ecosystem and our plans for project development

    If you read our White Paper, you know that we are launching our own ecosystem. Each type of our ecosystem will bring usefulness to our token and additional profit. And which will be used for the continuous development of our project and our ecosystem.

    SnoopyBabe is not just a meme project. We launched a useful Web3 ecosystem: SnoopyBabe TON Tools | SnoopyBabe SOL Tools | SnoopyBabe Play | New WEB3 types coming soon